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Children’s Story Time (Canada)

Date: 06/26/2018
Category: Regional , USA & Canada

The traditional Children’s Story Time entitled ″The Book is my friend, the story is my imagination″ took place on Friday, May 18, 2018, at the Hamazkayin Sanahin Chapter.  Seven children listened to Harut Guloyan’s story called The Rain Angel by Tony Ciango.


Before the story started, the little ones, following the instructions of Meghri Pagarian, the responsible person of the event, showed their infinite abilities and imagination making a small booklete from colorful papers.

Then, they made their first attempt to create a fairy tale. After choosing a title for their story, each child started to draw it on the colorful pages of the booklet. The children presented their imaginary scenes and feelings on the small colorful pages, thus conveying their creative spirit in a very special way.

Then, each of them took their place on the rug, following Harut Guloyan’s story about Chris, the angel of rain, who could bring the rain down from the clouds, entirely fulfilling the task entrusted to him.


After listening to the story about the angel’s experiences, the children answered the narrator’s questions. From now on, during the rainy days, the children will certainly remember the mission of the angel of rain, and it will always remain in their memory.

At the end, the narrator gave the angel’s souvenir to  each child as a gift.


Rozmary Sahakian