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Lusin Shirinian-Baker Donates $ 40,000 to Djemaran and $10,000 to Asbarez

Date: 08/19/2017
Category: Institutions

Asbarez: - She arrived from Fresno to the office of Asbarez in Hollywood making an appointment beforehand to ensure the presence of the editor.

"First of all, I would like to give you the envelope with my donation," said Lusin Shirinian- Baker, the sister of Pargev Shirinian, which had been the long- time editor of Aztag and Asbarez.

"Now, I would like to explain what I want to do.  I would like to donate 10.000 dollars to Asbarez in memory of my Brother Pargev Shirinian″, said Lusin Shirinian-Baker, which had hired a car and had asked a good neighbor to bring her to the editorial office of Asbarez.

Then we remembered Pargev’s accuracy and care towards the language, his firm faith concerning the newspaper's mission, and his complete dedication to his work.

Lusin gave us a bank cheque of $ 10,000.

“Could you please help me?  I would like to donate $ 40,000 to my school, the Beirut Djemaran in memory of my admirable teachers, Levon Shant, Garo Sassouni, Parsegh Ganachian, and all the renowned people of that generation, which played a great role in my education.  Please, take this money to Djemaran," she said and handed a bank cheque of forty-thousand dollars.

We arranged her request immediately, and she left immediately not to interrupt our work.  We could hardly convince her to take a picture of hers before leaving for Fresno.

Mrs. Lusin has taken another important decision ... to bequeath her apartment to Hay Tad.