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More that 150.000 US Dollars to M. & H. Arslanian Djemaran

Date: 04/12/2017
Category: Institutions

The annual banquet of Hamazkayin M. & H. Arslanian Djemaran, presided by Mr. and Mrs. Maral Kiurkchians, took place on Friday, April 7, 2017, at The Villa Hall. Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia, Samvel Mkrtchyan, Mayors of Anjar and Bourj Hammoud city, representatives of official bodies and unions, special guests, parents, teachers and Djemaran graduates were present at the banquet.

Djemaran graduates Vahan Manjigian Kaprielian and Njdeh Meguerditchian conducted the banquet. Djemaran Principal, Paula Yeghiayian delivered a speech at the beginning of the event saying, "For its successful long-life activity Djemaran owes to the human resource strengthening the school. When I say human resource, first and foremost, I mean the army of devoted teachers, which selflessly and with ample patience make great efforts for student formation.

When I say human resource, I mean all those parents that send their children to Djemaran believing in the sacred mission of the Armenian school. When I say human resource, I mean the numerous of  Djemaran’s friends who are always there. They support the school in difficult situations, feel joy when it succeeds, and always support it financially and morally.

Finally, when I say human resource, I refer to the large cluster of Djemaran graduates from Lebanon or elsewhere, who are always ready to support Djemaran.″

After presenting some programs aimed at Djemaran’s prosperity, Paula Yeghiayian ended her speech by saying, "For implementing School Programs we are looking forward to your moral and material support. Today, once again, let’s  commence new major projects  with the help of your donations. We turn to you with great confidence, because we know that together we can keep the torch of Djemaran alive." Then Paula Yeghiayian invited Chair of Hamazkayin Central Executive Board, Mguerditch Mguerditchian to make a speech. He said, "In developed and healthy societies the state naturally and perhaps takes care of education and culture. In our case, the Armenian state has not so far been able to assume this important national obligation in its own interests. The Diaspora has no state structure. No matter how organized it is, the Diaspora can not substitute any state body. In such conditions, volunteers assume the lion's share of work."  

After speaking about the enduring financial difficulties faced by the educational and cultural institutions, Mguerditch Mguerditchian said, "The schools and cultural centers are of no use without capable teachers and talented artists and can even turn into harmful institutions. Furthermore, constructing such schools and cultural centers without significant financial contribution is a real nightmare. In our reality, the existence of donors has become an imperative need.  

Their act of benevolence in the form of willfully provided national duty is not only a donated financial support, but has also moral value. That's why it deserves more appreciation from the public."

At the end of his speech, he honored Mr. & Mrs. Hovig and Maral Kiurkchian, the material support of which serves to the promotion of the Hamazkayin Educational, publishing and cultural activities, with the Medal of Hamazkayin Central Committee.

Violinist Y. Karakhanian, native singer Gohar Muratian and the band inspired the guests performing folk and patriotic songs. The banquet organized in support of Djemaran’s continual progress ended with great success. Dear organizers, you have got it made!

During the banquet, the donations reached more than 150. 000 US Dollars. Thanks to Djemaran’s huge family, which supports this educational institution materially or morally. We express our special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hovig and Maral Kiurkchian for their generous donation and for assuming the presiding of the event.




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