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Hamazkayin Announces Winner of 2017 Tölölyan Prize in Contemporary Literature

Date: 12/09/2017
Category: Regional , USA & Canada

The Regional Executive Committee of Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society of Eastern United States announces the winner of the 4th Minas and Kohar Tölölyan Prize in Contemporary ...

Carpentry Training in San Francisco

Date: 11/18/2017
Category: USA & Canada

Asbarez: A carpet weaving art lesson entitled Carpet Weaver, took place on Sunday, October 22, 2017,  at the Saroyan Hall of the Armenian Center in San Francisco. The event, initiated by San ...

Henrik Ibsen’s The Enemy of the People Performed (Lebanon)

Date: 11/14/2017
Category: Middle East

The Hamazkayin Kaspar Ipegian Theatrical Group twice performed Henrik Ibsen’s The Enemy of the People. The performances staged by Suren Khedeshian, and translated by Levon Shant, took place at ...

Performance Crane Calling (USA)

Date: 11/12/2017
Category: Regional , USA & Canada

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, we enjoyed the Crane Calling performance, sponsored by the Hamazkayin association and directed by Tsolak Khacherian. Many of us had enjoyed this drama more than once ...

Ani Dance Ensemble of Hamazkayin Participated in Folklore Canada Concert (Canada)

Date: 11/10/2017
Category: Regional , USA & Canada

The Spectacle Montreal Internationale 2017 dance performance, organized by Folklore Canada, took place on Saturday, November 4, 2017, at 7:30 am, at College Brébeuf Theater Hall in Montreal. The ...

Armenian Art Lovers of Lebanon Enjoyed the Performance by Vardan Badalian and Sheram Ensemble

Date: 11/05/2017
Category: Middle East , Regional

Armenian music that gives life and spirit to the Armenian culture has played a key role in the history of our people. The Armenian gusans and ashughs, with their wonderful creations always made ...

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