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Henrik Ibsen’s The Enemy of the People Performed (Lebanon)

Date: 11/14/2017
Category: Middle East

The Hamazkayin Kaspar Ipegian Theatrical Group twice performed Henrik Ibsen’s The Enemy of the People. The performances staged by Suren Khedeshian, and translated by Levon Shant, took place at ...

Armenian Art Lovers of Lebanon Enjoyed the Performance by Vardan Badalian and Sheram Ensemble

Date: 11/05/2017
Category: Middle East , Regional

Armenian music that gives life and spirit to the Armenian culture has played a key role in the history of our people. The Armenian gusans and ashughs, with their wonderful creations always made ...

Memorial Evening Dedicated to Director and Actor Simon Mnagian (Lebanon)

Date: 10/31/2017
Category: Middle East , Regional

The memorial evening, dedicated to the director and actor Simon Mnagian, organized by the Hamazkayin Kaspar Ipegian Theater Board, took place on Friday, October 27, 2018, at 8:00 pm, at the ...

Bared Maronian’s Women of 1915 Documentary Film Presented (Lebanon)

Date: 10/26/2017
Category: Middle East , Regional

The presentation, organized by the Regional Executive Board of Hamazkayin Lebanon, took place on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at 8:30 pm, at Hagop Der Melkonian Theater. Tamar Snabian-Sourdjian ...

The Hamazkayin Sardarapat and Shushi Dance Groups’ Performance in Syria

Date: 09/30/2017
Category: Middle East , Regional

On September 24, 2017, the Sardarapat and Shushi Dance Groups of Hamazkayin Nigol Aghpalian Chapter performed a bunch of traditional and contemporary dances directed by Carmen Efeyan and Vrej ...

Reuben Nakian Art Academy Reopened (Lebanon)

Date: 09/16/2017
Category: Middle East , Regional

Aztag Daily: – The Hamazkayin Paruyr Sevak Chapter organized the first event in a row dedicated to the 102nd anniversary of the heroic battle of Musa Dagh reopening Reuben Nakian Fine Arts ...

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