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Presentation of Games Lala and Ara – World of Colors and Shapes (Valence)

Date: 06/18/2018
Category: Europe

The presentation of games Lala and Ara – World of Colors and Shapes for IOS and Android tools, produced by the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Association, took place on 16th ...

Armenians of Lebanon and their Hundred Years’ Presence (Paris)

Date: 04/26/2018
Category: Europe

The presentation of the book Les Arméniens des Liban-cent ans de présence organized by the Hamazkayin Paris Chapter took place on Monday, April 9, 2018. Anna Ohannessian-Charpin delivered the ...

A Cultural Evening Dedicated to the Bulgarian Poet Peyo Yavorov (Cyprus)

Date: 04/09/2018
Category: Europe

The Hamazkayin Oshakan Chapter organized a cultural event dedicated to the Bulgarian Poet Peyo Yavorov that is known for his respect and love for Armenians. The event, which took place on April ...

Cultural evening Dedicated to Aram Khachaturian (Cyprus)

Date: 03/26/2018
Category: Europe

The 5th cultural event of the year organized by the Oshakan Separate Chapter of Hamazkayin Cyprus was dedicated to the Armenian great musician, Aram Khachaturian. More than fifty members and ...

Hamazkayin Continues Organizing Cultural Events (Cyprus)

Date: 03/16/2018
Category: Europe

The 4th cultural event organized by the Cultural Committee of Hamazkayin Oshakan Chapter took place on February 21, in the presence of more than 50 members and friends. The evening was dedicated ...

Wonderful Evening in Pafos

Date: 03/15/2018
Category: Europe

Saturday, March 3, 2018, was an unbelievably beautiful evening in Pafos. For the first time, the Ani Dance Ensemble of Hamazkayin gave a performance for the Armenian community of Pafos. Almost ...