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Concert Review 2017 (Australia)

Date: 05/22/2017
Category: Australia , Regional

On the evening of April 9th, 2017, Hamazkaine Nairi Dance Group held a special performance celebrating the origins of Armenian Dance. The production was dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of the ...


Date: 05/12/2017
Category: Australia , Regional

Last night, I could not sleep. I tossed and turned waking a little while with a thought running through my mind and then dosing off again. Something haunted me. I could see his eyes in the ...

″Ghazar Moved down from the Village″ Performed (Australia)

Date: 12/11/2016
Category: Australia , Regional

On 15 October 2016, the Hamazkayin “Nubar Khachadourian” theater group gave the third theatrical performance ″Ghazar Moved down from the Village ″ staged by Garo Khachikian and ...

Sassoon Krikorian’s ″Smart Nation: A Blueprint for Modern Armenia″ Book Launch (Australia)

Date: 11/08/2016
Category: Australia , Regional

The presentation of Sassoon Krikorian’s ″Smart Nation: A Blueprint for Modern Armenia″ book, published by the London Gomidas Institute, took place on September 27, 2016 at the Armenian ...

Evening Dedicated to Distinguished Soprano Araks Mansourian (Australia)

Date: 09/20/2016
Category: Australia , Regional

The evening, under the auspices of the Regional Committee of Hamazkayin Australia and organized by the Literary Committee, was dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Armenian distinguished ...

Performance by the Hamazkayin “Nubar Khachadourian” Theatrical Troupe (Australia)

Date: 08/24/2016
Category: Australia , Regional

The “Nubar Khachadourian” Theatrical Troupe of Hamazkayin Australia gave its second performance of “Frozen Man” staged by Garo Khachikian and sponsored by the Primate of ...

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